WP5: Deliverables D5.1 to D5.6

Deliverable No.WP5 - Deliverable NameDue dateLead Beneficiary
D5.1Dispersion protocols for new nanomaterial geometries in biological and environmental milieuxM181; UCD
D5.2Novel methods to assess degradationM2415; TUL
D5.3Data inventory of solubility and degradation kinetics of novel nanomaterials in biological milieuM2415; TUL
D5.4Report on the format of presentation of new nanomaterials to organisms in vitro and in vivoM181; UCD
D5.5Data on composition of the biomolecular corona adsorbed onto novel nanomaterials in biological mediaM3618; FILARETE
D5.6Characterisation of dispersions in several environmental mediaM3215; TUL