WP7: Deliverables D7.1 to D7.8

Deliverable No.WP7 - Deliverable NameDue dateLead Beneficiary
D7.1Identification of the composition of the ‘eco-corona’ formed in specific environmental media on next-generation nanomaterials M3215; TUL
D7.2Report on the propensity of next-generation nanomaterials to provide a ‘Trojan horse’ effect of environmental pollutants M3215; TUL
D7.3Report on proposed standardized exposure condition and protocols for environmental species, building upon the general exposure scenarios identified in WP3 as described in Task 7.2 M88; UoB
D7.4Identification of possible ‘hot-spots’, where material transformations are most likely to occur, along several value chain platforms M126; HWU
D7.5Material transformations along several value chains and their consequences identified M426; HWU
D7.6Report on methods and protocols for measuring nanomaterial interactions with environmental compartments M248;UoB
D7.7Preliminary results on nanomaterial interactions with environmental compartments for several value chain platforms M246;HWU
D7.8Report highlighting any novel toxicity or toxicity mechanisms derived from standardized exposure conditions M466; HWU